About Us

For over a decade KJL has provided safe, reliable testing services to customers throughout Atlantic Canada. Built on a reputation of fast turnaround times and flexible service options, we keep our customers operating and are always ready to answer their calls. When they need to get work done, knowing their PPE testing is up-to-date saves them time and money.

Here in Atlantic Canada there are many challenges to getting testing done quickly and effectively. Shipping to and from the test lab can cause long delays, and in some cases damaged equipment. Our customers don’t need these complications, so we have designed a fully-functioning mobile test facility that comes to you.

Services Offered

at our Test Facility and from our Mobile Unit

Fully certified test lab with factory trained technicians capable of performing all types of electrical PPE testing. All products are cleaned, fully inspected and repaired if necessary. All items come complete with a serial number, a test report and test history is kept on site for all items tested.

  • Other Services:

Bucket Liner and fiberglass boom testing

Live Line Jumpers – repair and manufacture of live line jumpers

Voltage detector and meter verification and calibration

Load Buster repair and testing

Repair and Refurbishment of pole top transformers – transformers are refurbished to like new condition and are provided with a full warranty same as a new unit.

In Stock New Equipment

  • Gloves
  • Glove Bags
  • Protectors
  • Hot Sticks
  • Temporary Grounding

We Are Mobile

Ask About The Fastest turn around time

The Fastest Turn Around Time

By bringing the testing lab right to your door, we eliminate the potential damages and slow downs from packing and shipping your PPE to an off-site facility. Your test cycle for equipment now becomes hours instead of days.


24 Hour Emergency Response Available.

We realize our customers provide an essential service and sometimes that means high-priority calls with little notice. In an emergency our mobile unit can be deployed and travel where needed at any time. We will get you on the road and responding to customers as fast as possible.

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Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Even though the test lab is mobile, no shortcuts have been taken. All of our equipment is designed for reliable testing by industry-leading manufacturers like Hanco International and Megger. And our technicians are factory trained with experience testing all types of high voltage PPE.

Electrical Worker PPE Test Management Plan

Partnering with KJL relieves you of the headache of managing your PPE testing program. By logging all your equipment into our testing system, we can oversee your test cycles and guarantee everything is up-to-date and on-site when required. Scheduled testing for your equipment means you never run the risk of having expired equipment.

Test Requirements

All testing is performed in accordance with ASTM standards, and other standards such as IEC or IEEE can be requested. Every test includes a signed report, electronic or hard copy, and all equipment is entered into our database for tracking of testing and maintenance.

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For more information on how we can simplify the burden of PPE testing, contact us today at 1.844.983.3877 or fill out the form below.